Guests of the Postflop Poker Podcast 

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Gareth is a tournament specialist, who coaches MTTs. He is also a fellow coach at Red Chip Poker and runs the popular Poker on the Mind Podcast. Find out more here: Twitter: @GazelligPoker

Nick is the brains behind the training site Transform My Poker. The site offers free newsletters and videos as well as fantastic paid content. My upcoming books (summer 2018) are titled after his site, having personally answered hundreds of questions from his clientbase. Twitter: @NickWealthall

Yes, we landed a WSOP Main Event Legend in just our 8th episode. Greg is working on a new book for 2018. You can find out about his training at Twitter: @Fossilman

He needs no introductions. If you haven't checked out his content, go to his website You can sign up for free newsletters and videos and his webinars are great too. Oh, and I'm a big fan of his books. Twitter: @JonathanLittle

Better known as “Killingbird” online, he is a co-founder of Tournament Poker Edge. He is a fixture in the U.S. online poker scene and the host of a popular twitch stream. If you like beer, poker or both, you should follow him on Twitter: @Killingbird

Dr Tricia Cardner is a mindset coach, who has written two books with Jonathan LIttle. She is also a member of the Red Chip Poker team and co-hosts the Poker on the Mind Podcast. Find out more here: Twitter: @DrTriciaCardner

Host of the prolific and popular Headsup Poker Podcast, you can find him here: He has shared a drink with our very own Merv in Vegas. Twitter: @HUPPodcast

Tim is an online grinder with a very logical mind. He offers very affordable coaching and his details can be found at If you want to get a taster first, check out episode 21 of the Postflop Poker Podcast! Twitter: @Timonthestoop

What a character! He joined us shortly after becoming the winner of the 2017 Aussie Millions. Unconventional, but brilliant, he was an excellent guest. You can't help but warm to this guy. Check out his twitter: @OJ4Vijay

A coaching client of mine, you'd think Steven was a pilot if you saw how many air miles he clocks up on his business trips. Smartly, he listens to podcasts whilst flying and his training is paying off, as he's enjoying some success at the felt. Twitter: @StevenGeorgeB

Carlos offers great value for money coaching that you can check out here: Watch him on twitch here: Twitter: @HipHop101Trivia

Go to and enjoy an exclusive discount off his books using the code: postflop. Also check out his new coaching opportunity: Poker Coaching by the Half-Hour with Tommy Angelo. Twitter: @TheTommyAngelo

Dara offers a 2-hour satellite strategy video. Quote postflop in your email to him and get it for just $60: Find out more about Dara at his blog: Twitter: @DaraOKearney

Matt is a part of the Solve For Why Team that run advanced poker training events. Check out and find out more about it. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn from the best, this could be for you. Twitter: @berkey11

Zach has a variety of products available on reading poker tells, available through his site If you enjoy videos on poker tells, you can get a 15% discount using the code: postflop. Twitter: @apokerplayer

Co-founder of Red Chip Poker and co-author of our book The Final Tables Workbook, James "Splitsuit" Sweeney is responsible for huge volumes of fantastic poker content. Take a look at his website Twitter: @SplitSuit

One of Australia's best players and a former Pokerstars Sunday Millions Winner joined us for Episode 44. Tune in to find out more about his rise from a background in commerce, marketing and competitive bowls. Twitter: @OnTheMac

No stranger to podcasts, Andrew is the man behind the thinkingpoker podcast, which at the last count had racked up 254 episodes. He boasts an impressive World Series Main Event record and is a fellow member of the Red Chip Poker Team. Twitter: @thinkingpoker

Possibly the most remarkable low-stakes grinder of all-time, Nathan is also a best-selling author. Pick up a free copy of one of his books here: and check out his blogs. Twitter: @BlackRainPoker

Long-term listeners of the PPP will know Scott well, as the original presenter of the show, Captain Quayle. We were delighted he accepted our invitation to come back for the landmark 50th episode and hope to repeat for the 100th! Twitter: @Scott_Quayle

Joel joined us for Episode 51 live from the famous Crown Casino in Melbourne during the build up to the 2018 Aussie Millions. We got the insights of a tournament director and it was a pleasure having him on the show. Twitter: @JoelGWilliams; @CrownPoker.

For our 3rd successive episode live from the Crown Casino, Landon Blackhall, a representative of Deaf Poker Australia joined us for another alternative view of the poker world. Check out Twitter: @DeafPokerAu

Better known as Carroters, Peter became famous after writing The Grinder's Manual. He has since written a follow-up book 100 Hands and continues to coach and play. Find out more about the Carrot at his website

Hypnotherapist and mind coach Elliot Roe has worked with hundreds of poker players & UFC fighters including Scott Blumstein and Fedor Holz. Check out his website and podcasts: Twitter: @ElliotRoe1

Top player and coach Ben Reason is around the top 100 all-time money winners from Texas. Check him out at Twitter: @Reasons14


Eileen is active in the poker community encouraging the growth of female players. She writes articles at Red Chip Poker. Check out her website Twitter: @PokerForGirls


Living in Japan now, Kel “Aces Up” Beattie is a top Australian poker player and the man behind the awesome training site Twitter: @Acesup


Go to and enjoy an exclusive discount off his books using the code: postflop. Also check out his new coaching opportunity: Poker Coaching by the Half-Hour with Tommy Angelo. Twitter: @TheTommyAngelo


Clayton is probably the most successful poker playing professional comedian on the planet. He has had deep runs in the WSOP Main Event and hosts his own podcasts, including the recent revival of the TPE Podcast. Twitter: @ClaytonComic