Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 91 - ICM and Push/Fold

Ben returns from his trip to Western Australia and his meeting with Captain Quayle, but is definitely a bit rusty when asked to explain ICM. Thankfully Merv is on hand to rescue him. Both hosts struggle without their trusty runsheet, which was deleted by Mike "The Eraser". There's a strat-chat hand (38:21) from long-term patron Grant Thomas, who focuses on survival in an ICM intense spot, when he'd have been better off showing more aggression.

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Hand: Live MTT

$100 Buy in at a 2-day event, with about a $10K prizepool 

22 left of 122 top 12 paid   

7000 Sb 14000 Bb no antes 

Average Stack around 227000 or 16 BB’s 

Hero Stack ~165000 or 12 BB’s  

Villains Stack ~225000 or 16 BB’s 

Villain aggressive and been caught bluffing 3 times.

Hero in the BB, holding Kc Js 

Folds to villain in SB who limp/completes, Hero checks

Pot 28000 

Flop: Qc Jd 10d  

Villain checks, Hero checks 

Pot 28000 

Turn: 6c  

Villain bets 16000, Hero calls

Pot 60000 

River 4c   

Villain shoves All-in, Hero calls

Villain shows 8c 2c for a flush