Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 90 - Multiway Pots

As we enter the nervous nineties, Merv & Ben discuss an email from Carl Richards regarding Pluribus, the recent AI bot that seems capable of beating top 6-max opponents. Read about it here. By request we also talk about multiway pots and follow that up with a strat-chat (25:11) hand which fittingly enough, goes multiway.

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Hand: Live Cash $1/$2

High hand promotion was in effect - everyone plays even looser chasing high hands.

Aggro UTG raises to $15. 
Middle Position calls, Cutoff calls, Hijack calls.  

Hero (Ks Td) calls from SB.
Pot is $77.

Flop is Tc, 5h, 7s

Hero remaining stack $200

Hero bets $40, UTG calls, HJ calls, CO folds

Pot is $197

Turn: 8c 

Hero has $156 left with top pair, good kicker and shoves all-in.

UTG folds Ah 5c, HJ calls.

HJ shows QcTc. 

The river is the Ad and Hero wins pot with one pair tens.