Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 87 - Bomb Pots

Recorded on day 4 of the WSOP Main Event, this episode features a poser on bomb pots. If you're a live cash game player, you need to know what they are and how to play them, so tune in and get prepared. Our stratchat hand today comes from a hand played on day 1c of the Main Event (26:10). You can follow along on Jeff Gross' vllog on youtube here (16:14)

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Hand: MTT 2019 WSOP Main Event Day 1c

Blinds are 200/300

Limper UTG (least experienced on the table, doin some funny stuff), has around starting stack 60K

Hero QhQc in CO, with 55K makes it 1400 to go

BB calls

Pot : a bit over 4K (clip says 4.35)

Flop: Qs9s8c

Checks all round (pot control, it’s the Main Event, super early)

Pot still a bit over 4K (4.35K)

Turn: 5c

Check, check

UTG bets 2.5K

Hero flat calls

BB folds

Pot 9.35K

River: Ah (Qs 9s 8c 5c)

UTG leads out 7K

Hero has a suss feeling about it, just calls 7K

Villain shows JTo for the flopped straight.