Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 85 - Poker World Record

Zach @TimeTraveler524 Gensler joins us to discuss his upcoming world record attempt to play 120 hours straight hours of poker. You can read more about it here, in an interview with Chris Wallace. As the WSOP warms up, we have more giveaways as well as competition results. The poser concerns the differences between cash and tournament play, whilst the strat chat hand (37:12) features a spot from a $1/2 game where just possibly we might lay down a set. 

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Hand: Live Cash $1/$2

Hero in MP1 has 7c7h and Villain MP2. Eff stx $90.

Folded to Hero who open raises to $10. Called by Villain. Folded around.

Flop ( $23) is AcJs10c.

Hero checks, Villain checks.

Turn is 5h. Hero bets $15, villain calls.

River ($53) is 7d. Hero bets $25 and villain raises $65 all-in. Hero calls.