Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 86 - Effective Stack Size

Merv & Ben are back with a mid WSOP episode and despite Ian from Canberra winning a trifecta of prizes, there are still more to be won. Tune in to find out how. Our poser is concerned with the importance of the effective stack size including how to think about it in multiway pots. The stratchat hand (23:56) features a river bluff that goes wrong, but that doesn't mean it was a bad bluff...

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Hand: MTT

Blinds 30/60/6.

Utg (3,342 - 58bbs) raises to 120.

Utg+1 (53bbs) calls.

Folded to hero in the SB - KJ(h).

Hero calls

BB folds.

Pot 468.

Flop 10,7,3 (rb) with 10h.

Hero checks

Utg bets 234 (half pot).

Utg+1 folds.

Hero calls

Pot 936.

Turn 5(d)

Check, check.

Pot 936.

River 5(s).

Hero bets 617.

UTG calls and shows AJ and wins the pot.