Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 84 - Trap the Kevmath

Everyone's favourite poker nerd Kevmath joins us for an episode that tackles the subject of trapping. The stratchat hand (30:26) is from the recent Triton Montenegro High-Roller series 110K Euro Main Event. We have multiple giveaways including a second chance to win the #villaindependent T-shirt and the "phrase that pays". Tune in to find out more. The interval music you may recognize from the youtube series "Stump the Kevmath". Merv also launches a new career as a bingo mindset coach. 

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Hand: Triton Montenegro High-Roller series 110K Euro Main Event

Watch the hand here: (06:49:20)

Heads up between Brynn Kenny & Tang Chi Hang, Brynn currently has a 5-1 chiplead…Stack sizes are Kenny with 15M, Tang 3.5M

Blinds are 100K/200K with a 200K Big Blind ante

Kenny has been using a limping strategy, & in this hand he decides to raise it up to 450K with Jc6d, Tang has QsTc just calls…

Pot 1.1M

Flop: KsQd3c

Tang checks

Kenny checks

Pot: Still 1.1M

Turn: Ts

Tang checks

Kenny checks

Pot 1.1M

River: 5c

Tang bets 680K