Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 82 - Livin' The Dream ft Scott Davies

WSOP bracelet winner and global poker star Scott Davies joins us from a chilled out retreat in Panama, where he's getting in some study and practice time prior to this year's WSOP. And what better way to test his skills than tackling a PPP poser and strat-chat hand? Scott explains how to handle two contrasting villains at the same time before dissecting one of Merv's hands...literally? Have a hot cross bun Merv...

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Hand: Live $30 MTT

3 tables remain, 25BB deep

1K/2K blinds, no antes in play.

Merv raises to 8K UTG

Loose agg 70K stack UTG1 calls

CO 70K calls & Weak Tight BB 70K stack calls (only value bets)

Pot 33K

Flop 10 8 3 rainbow

BB Bets $11

Hero Calls, other players fold

Pot $55

Turn T 8 3 low offsuit brick

BB bets out 25K

Hero folds and shows…QQ (Villain shows KK)