Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 79 - Huge Laydowns 2

It's a while since we covered this topic on episode 37, but a recent hand from patron Brannen Hough prompted us to revisit the theme. There's a poser from Your Poker Mastermind Vol 3 and the stratchat hand follows on at 25:53. 

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Hand: Live Cash

Playing $1-$2 Hold'em up at "Manch-vegas" in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Dealt Kc Ks (2 black Kings)

Raised to $15

Called by 4 players - 2 with position inc the Button, & both blinds.

Button is main villain here, both he & Hero are the bigstacks on the table with a 600BB stack of ~$1200

Pot $75
Flop is monotone - 6c Jc 8c
It checks to Hero, he bets $60, got one caller on the Button.

Pot $195
Turn - Kd
Hero bets out $80

The Button takes a while, then slowly calls.

Pot is $355

River - 2c
Hero takes a little bit to think over his options.
Then checks.

Villain on Button bets $200 with no hesitation this time.

Hero folds…huge laydown