Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 78 - Aussie Millions

Merv is back in Sydney after an exciting time with his press pass representing Postfloppoker at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, so this special episode features a few of his stories and interview clips with the stars and finalists. We have multiple answers to our poser of the week and there's also a hand sent in from a player in action at the end of Day 1c of the Main Event (18:18).

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Hand: Live MTT (Main Event Aussie Millions 2019 )

We are 8-handed, starting stack is 30K. And we’re in the last 90-minute level of Day 1, blinds are 300/600 blinds with 100 ante

UTG chip leader min-bets 1200 and he is very loose

Hero calls in MP with about 48BB, all fold to button who calls. Blinds fold.

Pot 5600

Flop 10,4,3 rainbow.

Hero holds 33

UTG villain checked the flop and hero bet 1800.

The button raised to 4300.

UTG villain reraised to 14000