Postfop Poker Podcast - Episode 92 - Hand Reading ft Alec Torelli

Alec Torelli of Conscious Poker joins us for an episode devoted to the tricky subject of hand reading. He also tells us some stories from Macau where some of the highest stakes cash games in the world take place, including the famous Big Game. We ask Alec for some tips on hand reading and information about the Hand Reading System he uses. The stratchat hand comes from one of Alec's high stakes cash games and features some advanced hand reading.

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Hand: Live Highroller Cash

Blinds 10/20k HK,  1300/2600 US$ 

Whale (villain) aka VIP, limps in UTG +1

Alec raises to 90k in CO with KQss,  

BB calls and VIP calls. 

Pot: 280K 

Flop: AQ9 r  

BB, VIP checks 

Alec bets 125k,  

BB check raises to 350k, VIP calls  

Alec 3-bets to 1.1m

BB folds VIP calls.  

Pot 2.85m  

Turn 4

Check, check  

Pot 2.85 mill 

River 2

VIP bets 2.3M, Alec calls and wins vs JT!