Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 76 - Hero Calling

Merv & Ben are recovered from New Year celebrations in Sydney and present an episode about hero calling. They discuss this hand briefly in the preamble, before the traditional poser and strat-chat hand (21:05), which comes from a Belgium listener Kristoff, who wrote: "Hello, G'day and welcome to my email...". After that piece of comedy, we simply had to feature the hand.

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Hand: Online Cash 2NL

Dealt to Hero [10d, 10s] on UTG+1, stacksize 2.00 USD

Folds to Hero

Hero raises [0.06 USD]

Folds to Villain in SB, stacksize 2.90 USD

Villain 3-bets to [0.18 USD]

Folds back around to Hero

Hero calls [0.12 USD]

Pot: 0.37 USD

Flop: [3d, 8c, Jh]

Villain bets [0.22 USD] (about 60% pot)

Hero calls [0.22 USD]

Pot: 0.79 USD

Turn: [6h]

Villain bets [0.30 USD] (about 38% pot)

Hero calls [0.30 USD]

Pot: 1.37 USD

River: [3c]

Villain bets [0.50 USD] (about 36% pot)

Hero calls [0.50 USD]

Villain shows [Ah, Qd]

Hero wins [2.34 USD] from main pot