Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 68 - Slowplaying

In his penultimate episode, MIke reveals that nothing goes over his head - his reflexes are too fast. Our stratchat hand featuring a flopped set (07:03) is missing a turn card, but we tackle it regardless. Then, in a controversial restructuring of the show, we discuss two separate posers, firstly on slowplaying and secondly on describing poker hands. Whatever you do, don't miss episode 69, which is sure to be a party...

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Hand: Online MTT

MTT, 8-handed, Blinds 40/80, Antes 8.

Hero stack: 5,736 (71 BB). Assume other stacks similar.

Hero: in CO with 55.

Folds to UTG+1 he calls, HJ calls, Hero calls with 55, BB checks. 

Pot 424.

Flop 5(d),8(d),2(h)

BB leads out with a bet of 160 (>1/3 pot), UTG+1 calls, Hero calls.

Pot 904.

Turn card: ???

BB bets 160 again, UTG+1 calls, Hero raises to 852, BB folds, UTG+1 calls.

Pot 2,768.

River 3(d)

UTG+1 bets half pot, Hero folds