Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 69 - Farewell Mike

We throw a party for Mike's final episode, tackling a poser on how to handle going card dead. This poser is also featured in Volume 7 of Your Poker Mastermind available at Amazon. At 25:23 the stratchat hand is from an MTT where we wind up getting to the river with J6s. We close out the episode with some audio clips from listeners, wishing Mike all the best for his future endeavours. Bye bye Mike.

Meanwhile the search for the new Mike continues...

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Hand: Online MTT

Pokerstars $20 tournament

Blinds 60-120, 15 ante

Fairly new to the table, table seems to be playing fairly tight and straightforward.

Hero stack 8,331 (69bb). UTG+1 has 3861 (32 bb)

UTG+1 raises to 258 (just over 2xbb), CO calls - stack 6,042 (50bb), Button calls - stack 6283 (51bb)

Hero Big Blind holding J6 diamonds calls (9-1 pot odds)

Pot 1212

Flop – 5d,8c,6s

Everyone checks.

Pot 1212

Turn is 2d

Hero bets 606 into 1,212 pot, UTG+1 folds, CO calls and Button folds

Pot 2424

River is 7d

Hero checks, Villain bets 1,200, Hero calls

He bets 1,200 into 2,424

Villain wins the pot showing Qd 9d