Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 67 - Sutton Stories

Poker author and blogger Eileen Sutton joins us for a fascinating discussion covering a variety of topics from phallic towers to Big Apple underground poker raids. She provides inspiration to aspiring female players, using female intuition and creativity to succeed in live cash games. We tackle a poser on whether to use varied preflop raise sizes and the stratchat hand sent in by patron Armin Voss (46:47) is from an online MTT final table. He asks us to build a range for shoving, calling and folding after his flop C-bet gets raised. Oh, and there's the screecher.

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Hand: Online MTT

3 players remain, payouts are 19K, 14K and 10K

Stacks - Hero 7.2M, Villain 6M, Villain 6.1M   

Blinds are 60k/120k/15k ante

Hero in the SB
Villain (BTN) Raises to 240K, Hero 3-bets to 780K, Villain (BB) folds, Villain (BTN) calls

Pot 1.75M
Flop QT4 all spades

Hero Bets 540K, Villain (BTN) Raises to 1.5M

Pot size now almost 3.8 Million.
Villain has 3.7 Million behind (Effective) 

Question: Please build the range with which I should shove, call and fold!

Hero Held AsTc and shoved, Villain called with 44.