Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 66 - My Junk is Sunk

Merv is faced by a particularly prickly problem, as this week's poser tackles the issue of playing junk hands. How often have you wound up bleeding money by playing 83o? The stratchat hand (22:21) features a big triple barrel bluff in a live cash game. In other news, Ben releases Vol 5 of Your Poker Mastermind: Mathematics on Friday 17th and the team are offering up an opportunity to come on the show - check out our patreon page for more info.

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Hand: Live Cash

£1/2  Live Cash

200BB deep, Hero is on the big blind with 67h.

Villain HJ raises to £6, Villain SB calls, Hero 3-bets to £20, HJ calls, SB folds

Pot £46

Flop 10d 4s 5h

Hero C-bets £25, HJ calls

Pot £96

Turn Jh (Td 4s 5h Jh)

Hero bets £100, HJ calls

Pot: £296

River Jd (Td4s5hJhJd)

Hero bets £255 and is all-in, Villain folds