Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 65 - Live Virgins

As Ben prepares the launch of Vol 4 of Your Poker Mastermind, a book answering questions on software and statistics, we tackle a poser on how to use Flopzilla. More accurately, we fend this question off and point you in the direction of Splitzilla's tutorial video here. In the first ever PPP double poser episode, we then all offer an avalanche of advice to anyone wanting to play a live event for the first time. The stratchat hand is from a Live MTT and follows at 26:15. We also reveal one of the biggest gaffs in PPP history!

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Hand: Live MTT

Down to 18 players remaining out of 306

Chip average 340k

Starting stacks - Villain - 500k+, Hero 405k,

15k ante, 10k/15k blinds

Folds around to Villain in SB, he raises to 40k, Hero (Ac10c) - calls 25k

Pot 95K

Flop: Qc, 8s, Jc

Villain bets 60k, Hero calls

Pot 215K

Turn: Kh

Villain bets 60k, Hero raises 135k, Villain calls

Pot 485K

River: Qs  Board: Qc 8s Jc Kh Qs

Villain checks, Hero checks

Villain shows JJ (Full House Jacks full of Queens)