Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 64 - You've Been Timed!

WIth discussion ranging from the World Cup in Russia to the World Series in Vegas, the team are back with another timely episode. Tackling a poser on timed tournaments, we discovered that time is relative and that Einstein failed to take into account ICM implications. The stratchat hand (28:26) highlights the issues of playing suited connectors in low SPR pots. In other news, Ben has released Vol 3 of Your Poker Mastermind, available at Amazon.

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Hand: $88 MTT 

888 Poker, $88 Buy-in, 8-max (300/600 blinds, 70 ante)

SB: 18,746 (31.2 bb)

HERO (BB): 33,629 (56 bb)

UTG+2: 10,853 (18.1 bb)

MP1: 15,616 (26 bb)

MP2: 62,840 (104.7 bb)

MP3: 10,341 (17.2 bb)

CO: 4,363 (7.3 bb)

VILLAIN (BTN): 23,468 (39.1 bb)

Preflop: Villain is BTN with 5c 4c

5 folds, Villain raises to 1,255, SB folds, Paul 3-bet raises to 3,600, Villain calls 2,345

Flop: (8,060) Js 6c 4h (2 players)

Paul bets 4,030, Villain calls 4,030

Turn: (16,120) 8c (2 players)

Paul bets 16,120, Villain calls 15,768 and is all-in

River: (47,656) 7c (2 players, 1 is all-in)

Reslts: 47,656 pot

Final Board: Js 6c 4h 8c 7c

BB Paul showed Tc Ac and lost (-23,468 net)

BTN Villain showed 5c 4c and won 47,656 (24,188 net)