Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 61 - Limping with Reason

Ben Reason is our special guest as we answer a poser question on open limping. Then, with arguably our most synergized thematic continuation to date, we discuss an open limped strat chat hand (33:25) from our first gold patron. Brannen receives no special treatment though, as the team get tough with Hough, or if we run with last episode's pronunciation, we certainly do "hassle the Hoff".

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Hand: Live Cash

Playing $1/$2 live NL 9 handed, very loose. Hero been playing for an hour & still has starting stack $200.

Our Hero is UTG & dealt AsQs and limps

Button raises to $16 after 5 or 6 callers/limpers. He's got a big stack, over $600 it looks like from across the table, and he’s a solid player.   

Both blinds fold and Hero 3-bets to $48. Everyone else folds, the button thinks for a minute, asks what the raise is, and then calls.

Pot $109, Hero has about $150 behind.

Flop A-J-2 rainbow.

Hero bets out $80 into a pot of about $109  

Button thinks again for a while and goes all in.

Hero calls

Villain shows KK

Turn J, River K, Villain wins with a full house