Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 60 - Fold Equity

From Disneyland to Dutch tongue-twisters, the team are back with a fun-packed episode focused on fold equity. Check out the Fold Equity Calculator from Red Chip Poker here. New patron Brannen Hough becomes our first gold patron scooping all sorts of goodies. The live strat-chat hand (17:45) this week is sent in by patron Grant Thomas and features an interesting river bluff.

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Hand: Live Tournament

Blinds are 100/200 Start Stack 35,000 chips

It’s the first hand of the tournament & it folds to the hero on the button who opens to 800 with Kc9c

Hero's friend who is a TAG 3bets from the small blind to 1700.

BB folds, Hero calls

Pot 3600

Flop: As 9d 4h

Check, Check

Pot still 3600

Turn: Ac (As 9d 4h)

SB bets 2000

Hero calls

Pot 7600

River: 8s {Ac (As 9d 4h)}

SB checks and Hero betts 5100

SB tanks for a good couple of minutes mumbling to himself before calling, saying your Ace is good. Hero laughs and muchs his cards as SB shows QQ