Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 57 - Fear of Busting

The team tackle a poser on the fear of busting and desire for stack preservation, followed by Andy Howie's tournament hand featuring a nut flush draw that he might have played more aggressively. We also talk some more about the incredible new CORE video course at Red Chip Poker - get it here 

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Hand: MTT 

We are 9-seated in an MTT; Blinds 75/150

Hero in the HJ has about 50BB’s (~7500) (assume is effective stack) with AK suited (h).

Folds to Hero, who raises 3x to 450.

Villain in CO calls, all others fold, heads-up to the flop.

Pot: 1125

Flop: 8h 2h 4s

With 2 overs & a flush draw, Hero bets 600 (~½ pot), Villain calls.

Pot: 2325

Turn: Qc {8h 2h 4s}

Hero checks, Villain bets 1000, Hero folds