Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 58 - Liquidating the Limpers

In episode 58 we tackle a frequently asked question regarding how to play against many limpers at a table. Our hand of the week (21:59) is from Season 4 of Poker Night in America featuring Samantha Abernathy and Michael Laake. We observe how important the effect of the straddle is.

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Hand: Live Cash

Watch the hand here on youtube

Abernathy initially bought in for $5K, Laake for $10K, Sam re-bought for another $5K & had built that up to nearly $9K. Laake had been playing very tight the whole episode, hardly playing any hands. Abernathy much more active. 2 hands earlier Laake won a pot flopping a set of 77’s, Abernathy called his flop bet with an under pair of 55’s & a gutshot to the bottom straight and she reluctantly folded on the turn.

Blinds are 25/50 with Laake on a 100 straddle, a blind raise in this game, so he will be last to act.
CO Abernathy (stack 8,950 or 179 BB is the effective stack) raises to 300 with 7c 6d, Dentale calls on button with Qh Ts, Michael Laake in the straddle raises to 1,200 with Ac Qs. Sam calls the extra 900, Dentale folds

Pot 2,775

Qd Tc 6s
Laake bets 1,400, Sam calls

Pot 5,575

Jh (Qd Tc 6s)
Laake checks...

Sam quite quickly goes all-in 6,350. Laake has her covered.
Laake calls

Pot $18K


3h (Jh Qd Tc 6s)

Michael wins with one pair, queens.