Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 56 - The Patreons

Episode 56 is dedicated to our patreons. The team tackle a poser from Armin Voss regarding which hands belong in a 20% range and then a hand from Grant Thomas (22:36) in which the hero ends up calling down through all the streets. We also discuss the new CORE video course at Red Chip Poker - get it here 

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Hand - $10 Live Tournament

Blinds: 400/800 no ante

Villain is on Hijack - Starting Stack: ~20K (~25BB’s)

Hero is ion the Cutoff -Starting Stack 36K (45BB’s)

Hero holds Jc10c

Villain opens to 1.6K (ie min-raise)

Hero calls 1.6K

Rest of the players fold; 2 players to the flop

Flop: Jh, Kd, 5c

Pot: 4.4K

Villain: Bets: 1.6K

Hero: Call: 1.6K

Turn: 3h

Pot: 7.6K

Villain: Bets: 1.6K

Hero: Call: 1.6K

River: 6c (Jh, Kd, 5c , 3h)

Pot: 11K

Villain: Bets: 1.4K

Hero: Call: 1.4K

Villain Shows: Ac Js