Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 53 - Loss Aversion Bias

Live from the Crown Casino in Melbourne for the Aussie Millions, Merv is joined by Landon Blackhall of Deaf Poker Australia. The team discuss a poser about loss aversion bias and an interesting hand from a listener. 

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Hand - Live MTT

Effective Stack: ~50 BB  

400/800, Ante 100

4-limpers and its a mix of loose and tight players in the pot.

Previously even 10x raises got called after limping...

Hero SB 7c 7s - calls, BB checks

6 players see a flop and pot is 5800:

Flop: 7h 5h 3d

Hero (SB) bets 5500

BB raises to 11000, the rest fold, hero calls

2 players see a turn and pot is 27800:

Turn: 5c

Hero checks, BB checks

2 players see a river and pot is 27800:

River: 10h

Hero bets 25000, Villain shoves, Hero calls

Villain shows 5d 5s and wins with quad 5s