Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 74 - Ace King Pt 1 ft Clayton Fletcher

In the first of two episodes featuring AK, comedian, poker pro and new host of the TPE podcast Clayton Fletcher joins us. The poser hones in on double-barreling AK out of position and the strat-chat hand (29:55) features a turn fold, which was just far too nitty for our liking.  

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Hand: MTT

MTT - 9 players, 75/150   

Hero: (HJ) AK hearts, 50BB effective

Hero Opens to 3x,

Villain (CO) calls

3 folds

Pot: 1200

Flop: 4s 2h, 8h

Hero bets 600,

Villain (CO) calls

Pot: 2400

Turn: Qc

Hero checks

Villain (CO) bets 1000

Hero folds