Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 75 - Fetishizing the 3-bet ft Alex Fitzgerald

In our second episode on AceKing Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald joins us. We are drawn into a variety of fascinating poker discussions including the subject of 3-betting more preflop. Patron Brannen Hough provides the poser regarding the adjustments we need to make when playing really deep-stacked and he also provides us with an interesting AK hand, that sees us contemplating top pair top kicker in a multiway pot. 

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Hand: Live Cash $1/$2 Twin River Casino, Rhode Island

Hero has AKo in the lowjack with $245 (started with $200, was up to $350).

Effective stack approx $230.

3 limps, Hero limps, HJ, CO, BTN all limp.

SB (very loose aggressive) raises to $12, BB folds, EP (original open-limper) calls, EP+1 (calling station) calls, EP+2 folds, Hero in LJ calls, HJ folds, CO folds, BTN calls.

5 to the flop, SPR under 4.

Pot: $68

Flop: Ad Tc 8c

SB bets $12, EP folds, EP+1 calls, Hero raises to $40

BTN folds, SB (thinks a while) calls, EP+1 calls.

Pot: $188

Turn: 9s (Ad Tc 8c)

SB & EP+1 check, Hero bets $75

SB re-raises all-in, Pot now ~$430, costs $125 to call

“Getting under 4-1 calling odds, Villain has shown no real strength to this point, so I call.”

SB has AJo,

…River J.