Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 72 - Waiting for Straighters

After the success of episode 36 in which Tommy enlightened us on the subject of tiltlessness, we decided to make him our first repeat guest. In this episode he discusses his recent article Waiting for Straighters which you can read for free in web format or purchase the short ebook or audio book. We then tackle a poser on polarized vs merged 3-bet ranges and a cash hand from a listener (41:07), which features a daring turn bluff that needs some careful analysis.  

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Hand: Live Cash $10/$10

10/10, $2,570 effective. Villain covers, 8 handed table

Mid position opens to the standard $40 preflop, he’s a weak player that often opens wide and gets isolated extremely often by the better players IP since he’s mostly a fit/fold type in 3-bet pots.

Villain 3-bets to $130 in the LoJack, Hero cold 4bets from the BB with AQss to $350.

MP folds, Villain (LJ) calls

Pot $750

Flop: 972 rainbow

Hero C-bets $350, Villain calls


Turn 2d, pairing the board & bringing a back door flush draw with the 7d on the flop

Hero checks, Villain bets $460, Hero shoves for $1,870 total