Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 52 - Study Time

Merv joins us from the Crown Casino in Melbourne ahead of the Aussie Millions and we challenge him to a photo contest #meetMerv #Mervsmaidens. Meanwhile Mike is in some mystery pain around his Netherlands, but battles through to tackle a PPP Poser and another Aussie Millions hand from 2016 (27:08).

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Hand - 2016 Aussie Millions $100K challenge

See the video coverage of the hand here

Blinds 2K/4K/ antes

Jason Mercier - HJ - 300K - min-raises to 8K, cards not known just yet

Brian Rast in CO folds

Byron Kaverman - BTN - 234K - calls with KK

Martin Jacobson - BB - 228K - calls with Jc8h

Pot 29K

Flop 6h4c5d

Jacobson - Check

Mercier - C-bets 11.5K

Kaverman - Calls

Jacobson - Folds

Pot  52K

Turn 5h

Mercier (280K behind) - Checks

Kaverman (215K) - Bets 15K

Mercier - Uses a Time-bank chip (always have 30 secs to act, 2 x 60 sec time-bank chips per day) - Raises 67.5K

Kaverman - Calls

Pot 187K

River Ac

Mercier (213K) - Bets All-in

Kaverman (147K) - Uses his 1st Time-bank chip...then his 2nd & last minute to act… he folds…

Mercier shows Q7dd