Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 42 - Notetaking

Mike concludes the mobility scooter story from last episode, whilst Ben bangs on about the release of his new book available here and Merv laments the loss of online poker in Austraya. The team tackle a poser on how to take good notes before discussing hand 13 from the new workbook (27:45). 

Poker Anagram Bonus Poser: NOTETAKING  Clue: One million dollar chip (5,5)

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Hand 13 from The Final Tables Workbook:

Final Table 9 players remain. High level of ICM intensity.

Hero (72BB and 2nd in chips), AT clubs, Lojack, open raises to 3BB

Weak TAG (65BB and 3rd in chips), Button, calls 3BB, blinds fold

Preflop - Build the Weak TAG villain's calling range

Flop Jc7c6h (Pot 8.4BB)

Hero bets 5BB

Villain calls 5BB

Flop - Build the Weak TAG villain's calling range

Turn 9s (Pot 18.4BB)

Hero bets 11BB

Villain calls 11BB

Turn - Build the Weak TAG villain's calling range

River 2s

Hero checks

Villain bets 15BB

River - Build the Weak TAG villain's betting range

Hero check-raises all-in

River - How many hands can the villain call with here?