Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 38 - Hand Reading

Dara O'Kearney is our esteemed guest in an episode devoted to hand reading. The team talk to Dara about his decade as a pro player before tackling the PPP Poser. The stratchat (39:55) features a hand from last year's WSOP Main Event and is easily the longest hand discussion in PPP history. The episode was also memorable for Merv's didgeridoo.

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Hand - 2016 WSOP Main Event Final Table

8 players remain, ICM intense, Blinds 300K/600K Ante 100K

Michael Ruane (Hijack) 33.5M, Raises to 1.4M

Kenny Hallaert (Cutoff) 37.8M, Calls

Flop: Qc Td Th   Pot 4.5M

Ruane C-bets 1.8M and Hallaert Calls

Turn: Qd   Pot 8.1M

Ruane Checks and Hallaert Checks

River: 4c  Pot 8.1M

Ruane Checks, Hallaert Bets 3.6M and Ruane Calls.

To see the hand and the hole cards: