Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 39 - Bet Sizing

Less than 24 hours after finishing 3rd in the final event at the WSOP, highroller Matt Berkey joins Merv, Mike and Ben for episode 39. The PPP Poser this week is centred on bet sizing and the featured hand comes from Ben's forthcoming workbook (42:09). There's plenty of banter on the WSOP main event and I'm sure many of you will be following the action from the final table just after the release of this episode.

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Hand #10 from The Final Tables Workbook

You are sat at a live $50 final table, which is being dominated by a very skilled player, who has been applying the pressure at all the right times.

MP1     60BB Folds  

MP2    38BB Folds  

CO      55BB HERO

BU      30BB NIT

SB       28BB WEAK TAG

BB       147BB SOLID LAG

You raise to 3BB

The big blind is the only caller and 2 players see a flop of Qc 7d 2h. The pot is 7.1BB

BB 144BB Checks

HERO 52BB Checks

2 players see a turn card of 9h. The pot is 7.1BB

BB 144BB Bets 4BB

HERO 52BB Calls 4BB

2 players see a river card of Qs. The pot is 15.1BB

BB 140BB Bets 21BB

HERO 48BB Needs to Build a Calling / Folding Range