Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 36 - Tiltlessness

Special guest Tommy Angelo, author of the fascinating new poker novel Painless Poker, joins the crew for a delightful discourse, featuring topics such as meditation and top tips for avoiding tilt. We dive into one of the hands from the book, as Tommy's fictional hand is subjected to our usual strat-chat. Listen carefully for how you can claim a free copy of Tommy's book. 

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Hand - Unfathomable Laydown - Live Cash $10/$20

Read the full excerpt here

$10/20 Cash game ($6500 effective stack)

Villain opens  UTG+2 to 4x ($80)

Tommy 3-bets in SB with QQ to $260. Villain calls

Pot: $520

Flop: Q 7 4 rainbow

Tommy bets $400. Villain calls quickly

Pot $1320

Turn: 2 off suit

Tommy bets $800. Villain hitched, changes his mind, calls slowly sliding out stacks of $20 chips.

Pot $2920

River: 6

Tommy checks. Villain bets $1000, Tommy folds.