Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 37 - Huge Laydowns

Experience the WSOP vicariously via Merv "The Verve" in Vegas. Our regular feature, the PPP Poser (12:32) is centred around the theme of huge (or as Mike says, "yuge") laydowns.  The strat-chat (28:49) involves  a hand from the 2016 WSOP Main Event showcasing James Obst making a tremendous laydown. No takers so far to buy a piece of Merv's action for this year's event - for any bargain-hunters (cough, splutter) he's going as low as 0.8 (and you can probably talk him down to 0.75 - wow, that might actually be worth it!)

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Hand - Huge Laydown - 2016 WSOP Main Event

Blinds 100k/200k

Fernando Pons (KQs) UTG raises to 450,000.

Michael Ruane (23.1M) (89c) calls from the button

James Obst (25.8M) (77) calls from the small blind

Qui Nguyen calls from the big blind

(pot~2M) FLOP Qs Jc 7c

Obst and Nguyen check to Pons, who cbets 625,000.

Ruane raises to 2,025,000

Obst raises to 5,300,000.

Nguyen and Pons fold, Ruane tanks 2mins then calls

(pot~13M) TURN Tc

Obst checks.

Ruane tanks 2.5mins then bets 3,750,000

Obst tanks 2mins then calls.

(pot~20M) RIVER Td

Obst leads out for 4,700,000

Ruane raises all-in  13,500,000  

Obst tank folds