Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 34 - Value Betting

A new dawn. Join the crew for a new style show, featuring the PPP Poser, provided to us this week by guest Steven Bell from Australia/Singapore. The theme is value betting. The team welcome feedback at all times, but we'd particularly like to know how you feel about the new show and hear any questions you'd like answered in the PPP Poser segment.

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Hand - Harrington on Holdem Part III - (Hand 3)

High stakes 9-man SNG single table, average stack $1500, tight table, level 1,  $10/$20

Hero sits on Hijack with 98 spades

Preflop folds to hero, who raises to $85, SB calls

Flop: Kh 5d 4s, Pot $190

SB checks, Hero bets $100

Turn: 8c, Pot $390

SB checks, Hero checks

River: 9h, Pot $390

SB bets $200, Hero calls

SB shows 44 and wins with a set of fours