Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 29 - High Card - 1 or 0 overcards

Captain Harvey hands out his first Merv Medal, as the new triumvirate discuss the weakest of all flops. As usual, they traverse plenty of terrain, from phallic snow sculptures to the UK venues for the infamous "Battyman Challenge". 3 hands are discussed, including a live hand between Raul Mestre and Vicky Coren and Merv lays down plans for a special Episode 30 next month.

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Hand 1 - High Card / 2 Overcards (cash game) 

Hand 2 - High Card / 0 Overcards (6-max SNG 12-man) 

Hand 3 - High Card / 0 Overcards Live Hand

Blinds  3K, 6K antes (Live MTT)  

Coren BB (96c) (we estimate around 40-50BB deep and shorter than Mestre)

Mestre HJ (Q3s)

Mestre Raises to 12,500 

Coren Calls  

POT 31,500

Td 2c Ah


Mestre bets 12,000

Coren raises to 26,000

Mestre calls 14,000


Td 2c Ah Jc

POT 83,500

Coren bets 30,000

Mestre raises 80,000

Coren folds