Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 49 - Moving on up ft Nathan Williams

Ben, Mike & Merv are joined this week by prolific micro stakes grinder Nathan "blackrain79" Williams, who boasts more all-time profit at the micros than anyone else on the planet. Hear his phenomenal story and all our answers to the PPP Poser about moving up in stakes. The strat-chat (43:20) features one of Merv's hands from a live MTT. 

Check out Nathan's website here: or get in touch with him on twitter @BlackRainPoker.

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Hand: Merv's Local Poker Club: Live $25 MTT

Stacks roughly 100BB (40,000 chips)


Hero is UTG and limps, as does every player, BB checks

3200 in pot

Flop: As9c5d

SB bets 1100 (tight passive player)

BB raises 2200 

Hero calls

SB calls

9800 in pot

Turn Ah

SB checks

BB bets 2200

Hero calls

SB calls

16400 pot

River 7s

SB bets 6000

BB calls

Hero raises 16000

SB calls

BB folds

Listen in to find out the hands held.