Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 44 - Card Dead

The team welcome Aussie star Jesse "OntheMac" McKenzie to the show and discuss a PPP Poser from Jonathan Breslin on on how to deal with being card dead. Jesse then brings a headsup hand from a Pokerstars Sunday Millions win (32:17), which features a sensational bit of river action that you simply must listen out for. Mike and Ben were deliberately kept in the dark and run through the hand blind. Jesse found out the villain's hole cards a few days after his win by watching the replay online and we'll reveal those cards (50:25) only by listening. 

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Sunday Millions Final Table Headsup Hand:

Effective stack - Villain - Rizih - 18m, blinds 300k/600k (30BB deep with antes)

Hero (AcKs) raises minimum to 1.2m

Villain (??) calls

Flop: QsQcJc (Pot size 2.5m)

Villain checks

Hero checks

Turn: 9d (Pot size 2.5m)

Villain bets 1.2m

Hero calls

River: Tc (Pot size 5m)

Villain bets all-in for 15.5m (3x overbet)