Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 45 - Profiling with Limited Data

After the recent star-studded episodes, the trusty trio return for a fun installment featuring Mike's speed-dating blind poker tournament with doggy action under the table. We also cover a PPP Poser about profiling opponents with fewer than 50 hands of data. Finally we tackle not one, but two hands this week in an extra-long episode (22:50 and 46:30).

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Hand 1: Micro Stakes Cash

Villain is a somewhat competent reg on the Button

Hero is on the Big Blind holding JcTh - effective stack assume 100BB

Villain raises to $0.25

Hero calls

Flop Js 8d 2c (Pot is $0.55)

Hero check / calls $0.30

Villain bets $0.30

Turn Td (Pot is $1.15)

Hero bets $0.75 / raises all-in

Villain raises to $2.50 / calls

Hand 2: Low Stakes SNG

Check out Mike's review here: …

The hand is at 22:00