Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 27 - Paired Board / No overcards

Join us for the final skipperless episode as the duo prepare for a future under the command of a new Captain, Merv. This episode features a hand in which Mike takes great pleasure in taking some of Ben's chips in a classic pre-podcast homegame hand. There's also analysis from a famous live hand, as well as a cash hand.

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Hand 1 - No Overcards / Paired Board (home game)  

Hand 2 - No Overcards / Paired Board (cash game)

Hand 3 - No Overcards / Paired Board (live hand)

Locale: Heads-up in Monte Carlo for a million dollars, featuring Phil Ivey vs. Paul Jackson.

The Blinds: 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Chip counts: Jackson, roughly one million; Ivey, roughly four million.

The Hand:

Jackson: 6s 5d

Ivey: Qh 8h

Preflop: Jackson completes the small blind for 12,000, Ivey raises to 74,000, and Jackson calls.

Flop: 7c Jc Jh (Pot: 176,000) Ivey leads out for 80,000, Jackson raises to 170,000, Ivey reraises to 320,000, Jackson reraises to 470,000, and Ivey declares all in (for Jackson's remaining 380,000). Jackson folds.