The Workbook & Software

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The Workbook & Software


Hayles & Sweeney

This workbook was hand-crafted to help MTT players study the game between sessions. Complete with 40 exercises from a wide array of tournament buy-ins, and structures - this workbook guides you through tournament-specific situations. Work on your hand reading skills, technical prowess, and even run through ICM simulations to prepare yourself for more first-place finishes. You worked so hard to get to the final table in the first place - now make it count by using this workbook to prepare yourself between tournaments.

This edition includes:

  • The full-color workbook (.PDF)
  • Lifetime Flopzilla License ($25 value)
  • SplitSuit's Custom Flopzilla Ranges ($40 value)
  • 6 Month License For Holdem Resources ($48 value)
  • Templates for saving/reviewing your answers
  • Extra payout tables and structures
  • A complete video tutorial for Flopzilla
  • A complete video tutorial for HoldEQ
  • $50 discount code for The Hand Reading Lab


* For less than $300 more, you can get all of this PLUS a complete training suite with multiple videos by co-author Ben Hayles reviewing his answers and process for select exercises in the workbook (along with bonus webinars!). A single move up in pay jumps is all the ROI you need to invest in the TITAN EDITION.

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  • The workbook comes with 40 unique exercises to help you study your own ranges, hand read your opponents, and explore range-vs-range situations. 
  • Each exercise has guiding questions to help you along and ensure you don't miss any important considerations.
  • Many exercises have bonus questions and follow-ups to help you expand your knowledge and get more out of the exploration.
  • You also receive a $50 discount on Splitsuit's The Hand Reading Lab (especially useful if you get through the first half of the workbook and are utterly confused).