Title My Book Competition & Launch News

Volume 1 will launch on Friday 15th June and I'll release another volume every 2 weeks, so I have enough time to finish the content. Each volume will be available for $2.99 in my store and at Amazon. Single volumes will also be available for $9.99 as a hard copies. 

For those of you wanting a free copy, you can simply email me and ask for one. I'll just want you to help spread the word in the social media, write a review, discuss the books in poker forums such as 2+2, or support the Postflop Poker Podcast.

I wanted to write a short note to thank everyone who sent in ideas for titles for my new book series. It was an overwhelming response and you all showed a great deal of creativity. Let me share a few of the ideas that I considered:

1: Poker FAQs (Merv Harvey)

2: Position, Power, Poker (Grant Thomas)

3: Poker Genesis (Owen Mullan)

4: Poker Questions? Answered (Richard Brundell)

5: Interview with Poker (Ray Belanger)

6: Cutting Edge No Limit Holdem (Mike Lynch)

7: Where is Your Poker At? (Jorge Blanch)

8: Crushing Poker (Martin Sayer)

9: Poker Missions (Martin Sayer)

10: Poker Today (Steven Serle)

11: My Poker Transformed (Richard Dunham)

12: Elevate Your Poker (Mary Beth Hayes)

13: Important Poker Questions Answered (Dan Bushfield)

14: The Pursuit of Perfect Poker (Brannen Hough)

There were plenty more that I haven't published here. The title/subtitle that I decided upon Your Poker Mastermind / Answers Your Questions was my own idea. From a marketing perspective I know that some of your ideas would probably sell more copies, but in the end I felt a strong connection with "Your Poker Mastermind" and I hope you like it too.