Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 37 - Huge Laydowns

Experience the WSOP vicariously via Merv "The Verve" in Vegas. Our regular feature, the PPP Poser (12:32) is centred around the theme of huge (or as Mike says, "yuge") laydowns.  The strat-chat (28:49) involves  a hand from the 2016 WSOP Main Event showcasing James Obst making a tremendous laydown. No takers so far to buy a piece of Merv's action for this year's event - for any bargain-hunters (cough, splutter) he's going as low as 0.8 (and you can probably talk him down to 0.75 - wow, that might actually be worth it!)

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Hand - Huge Laydown - 2016 WSOP Main Event

Blinds 100k/200k

Fernando Pons (KQs) UTG raises to 450,000.

Michael Ruane (23.1M) (89c) calls from the button

James Obst (25.8M) (77) calls from the small blind

Qui Nguyen calls from the big blind

(pot~2M) FLOP Qs Jc 7c

Obst and Nguyen check to Pons, who cbets 625,000.

Ruane raises to 2,025,000

Obst raises to 5,300,000.

Nguyen and Pons fold, Ruane tanks 2mins then calls

(pot~13M) TURN Tc

Obst checks.

Ruane tanks 2.5mins then bets 3,750,000

Obst tanks 2mins then calls.

(pot~20M) RIVER Td

Obst leads out for 4,700,000

Ruane raises all-in  13,500,000  

Obst tank folds

Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 36 - Tiltlessness

Special guest Tommy Angelo, author of the fascinating new poker novel Painless Poker, joins the crew for a delightful discourse, featuring topics such as meditation and top tips for avoiding tilt. We dive into one of the hands from the book, as Tommy's fictional hand is subjected to our usual strat-chat. Listen carefully for how you can claim a free copy of Tommy's book. 

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Hand - Unfathomable Laydown - Live Cash $10/$20

Read the full excerpt here

$10/20 Cash game ($6500 effective stack)

Villain opens  UTG+2 to 4x ($80)

Tommy 3-bets in SB with QQ to $260. Villain calls

Pot: $520

Flop: Q 7 4 rainbow

Tommy bets $400. Villain calls quickly

Pot $1320

Turn: 2 off suit

Tommy bets $800. Villain hitched, changes his mind, calls slowly sliding out stacks of $20 chips.

Pot $2920

River: 6

Tommy checks. Villain bets $1000, Tommy folds.

Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 35 - Triple-Barreling

Carlos Welch @HipHop101Trivia is our special guest for Episode 35 of the NNN (The No Limit Nitty Nerdcast) as the team tackle the terrifying theme of triple-barreling. Carlos, the life nit, takes us on a colourful journey through various stages of his poker life, before answering the Poser and walking us through a triple-barrel bluff. 

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Help support us by writing a review of this podcast on iTunes. The more reviews we get, the more listeners we get, and that means we can keep delivering you fresh new strategy every few weeks!

Hand - Triple Barrel Bluff - MTT

CO (CO): 15.85 BB

BTN (BTN): 4.18 BB

SB (SB): 6.4 BB

Hero (BB): 43.98 BB


UTG+1 (UTG+1): 45.76 BB

MP (MP): 11.97 BB

MP+1 (MP+1): 12.4 BB

8 players post ante of 0.1 BB, SB posts SB 0.5 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BB

Dealt to Hero: J clubs, K spades

UTG calls 1 BB, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, SB calls 0.5 BB, Hero raises to 3 BB, UTG calls 2 BB, fold

Flop (7.8 BB, 2 players):

7 clubs, 4 spades, 2 diamonds Turn: 9 hearts River: 8 hearts

Hero bets flop, turn and river (half pot, half pot, all-in) Villain folds on the river

Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 33 - Weak Draws

The triumphant trio return to discuss the final chapter of the book - weak draws. Although it's a flop you're often going to give up on pretty fast, the stratchat covers a couple of examples of situations, where you might choose to progress to the turn and river. Merv is on hand to announce the competition winners, but neglects to hand out a medal to the industrious, deserving, but ultimately empty-handed Mike and Ben. 

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Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 32 - Medium Draws

Tune in to an episode dedicated to the penultimate chapter of Ben's book Postflop ***spoiler alert*** freebies on offer, celebrating 50,000 downloads in over 100 countries. Listen in for details of this and news of a new segment in the show. Tardy Turner and the Postflop Poser offer their tips for playing medium strength draws, steered capably by Merv, whose tweets are both visible on twitter and audible from his menagerie...

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Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 30 ft Shurane Vijayaram

Weeks ago Shurane Vijayaram took down the Aussie Millions for a cool 1.6m AUD. In a very special Episode 30, Shurane takes us through his remarkable poker journey from a $130 satellite to the spectacular and much discussed final hand of the tournament. Extremely likeable, refreshingly open, humble, flawed, yet brilliant, Shurane offers raw insights into playing big events. The stratchat consists of 2 final table hands that will blow your mind...

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Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 29 - High Card - 1 or 0 overcards

Captain Harvey hands out his first Merv Medal, as the new triumvirate discuss the weakest of all flops. As usual, they traverse plenty of terrain, from phallic snow sculptures to the UK venues for the infamous "Battyman Challenge". 3 hands are discussed, including a live hand between Raul Mestre and Vicky Coren and Merv lays down plans for a special Episode 30 next month.

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Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 28 - High Card - 2 Overcards

Australian Captain Harvey is aboard the ship as a new triumvirate is formed. Tune in to find out whether he's able to tame the 2 authors, who did not make it easy for "Big Merv" with an early cry of "sack the captain". There's discussion over the future of poker in Australia, 3 hands of stratchat and just a smithering of cricket (that's an insect, yes, Mike).

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Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 26 - Paired Board / One Overcard

Seasons greetings from the PPP team. The 2 authors join forces again to discuss another missed flop type. After a slightly wayward episode, we're back on form! Mike reverts to his natural accent and apart from being outkicked by a scorpion, Ben manages to keep everything nicely under control. Merry Christmas everyone, have a Quayle of a time! 

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Postflop Poker Podcast - Episode 24 - Bottom Pair

Hurricane Hayles and Typhoon Turner aka Captain Cavity are the lowest pair you could imagine for navigating the stormy waters of flopping bottom pair. If you want to find out what has happened to Captain Quayle, tune in and uncover the mystery of our missing master. Has he walked the plank? Is there a man overboard? Am I overdoing the pelagic puns and the maritime mockery...?

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